Tuesday, April 13, 2010

2nd Customization Order

Single Cat Eye's Brooch
Code : SCB 44
[Assorted Colour]

Simple Single Brooch
Code : SSB 42
[Assorted Colour]
[Come in standard size...not mINI..and not JUMBO...]
****ops...100x sorry...i forgot to put the price..no wonder no order for tis one..
[1 set got 10 pins....if take more than 3 sets i insya Allah i can give a bite less]

Simple Single Brooch
Code : SB 43
[Assorted Colour]
[Also come in standard size...not MINI not JUMBO...]

Simple Bunga Brooch
Code : SBB
RM1.80 {amik bnyk boleh kurang...=)}
[Assorted Colour]

Set Brooch Bunga
Code : SBF 46
RM 5.80
[ got 3 design...the baby pin, the mummy pin & also the daddy pin...=)
**sowi...tis'pic got technical prob...actually the RM5.80 is a price for a set of 1 Baby pin[the small flower brooch] , 1 mummy[the pin with glass pearl] & the daddy pin[the pin with the flower in the middle]

Complete Set Brooch & Gelang
Code : SBG 45
[1 bracelet, 1 baby brooch, 1 mummy brooch & 1 daddy brooch..SUPER SAVER PACKAGE]

All the pics above are customized for my friend as her request....want me to customized urs???
Insya Allah...i'll customize as ur request...

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