Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Gelang Mix n Match

Glitter Photos

CODE : GMF 17 / RM15.00
[Material : Glass Pearl in Blue Zircon & Light Blue, Crystal in Saphire & Red, Cat Eye's in Blue, Yellow, Pink & Dark Orange, Cat Eye's Square in Blue, Pink Bell, Silver Flower, Silver Leaf & Small Bud Silver]
STATUS : SOLD OUT remake 3 times [drop me an -email if you want me to re-do..i'll do it for you..insya Allah =)]

Glitter Photos

CODE: GMF 18 / RM15.00

[Material : Glass Pearl in Dark Chocolate & Gold, Silver Crown, Turquoise's Crush stone, Silver L.O.V.E., in Jet, Bicone in Jet, Crystal in Silver Shade, Cat Eye's Square in Yellow & Light Green]

Glitter Photos

CODE : GMF 19 / RM 16.00

[Material : Glass Pearl in Dark Purple, Red, Gold, Blue zircon & Pink, Cat Eye's Square in Dark Orang & Dark Chocolate, Cat eye's round in Dark Orang, Crystal in Pink, Jet & Silver Shade, Black Flower, Silver Star & Flower, Light Blue & Dark Orange in Heart's Shape]

Status : SOLD OUT remake 2 times [drop me an e-mail, if you want me to re-do..i'll do it for you..insya Allah =) ]

Anda berminat membeli secara borong???
Sila lihat maklumat lanjut di bahagian kiri blog...
Emelkan ke : anggunbeautycollection@yahooo.com / isi Order Form di bawah ok? ;-)

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